Articles are to be sent in Microsoft Word 2003-2019 to the e-mail of the Editorial Board: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The journal is published in electronic format on the website:

  • Twice a year in Slovak and Czech language, always in June and December
  • Once a year in English, always in December

Submission deadlines for articles in Slovak and Czech language:

  • By 30th April for articles to be published in issue 1 of the calendar year.
  • By 30th October for articles to be published in issue 2 of the calendar year.

Submission deadlines for articles in English language:

  • By 30th October for articles to be published in issue 3 of the calendar year.

Regarding the content there are two basic types of scientific papers:

  • Original papers presenting new information and latest discoveries, new results, methods or findings.
  • Overview papers summarizing or synthetizing data from literature. They represent descriptive or critical assessment of original articles and usually present an extensive list of bibliography.

Apart from scientific articles the journal publishes review papers and information:

  • Review paper analyzes and presents a personal opinion on a publication and whether it meets its purpose. It offers its position to other readers.
  • Information is a report on an event already carried out or scheduled (e.g. a conference).
  • Review form (.rtf 127kB)

Size and form (of the article):

  • The paper can be published in Slovak, Czech and English language,
  • Include the title in English,
  • Include abstract in English (10 to 12 lines),
  • Include key words in English (3 - 8 key words),
  • At the end of the text, on a separate page include a full contact address of the author, the workplace/institution, position, phone number and email,
  • In order to ensure clarity it is convenient to divide articles into chapters,
  • The number of lines for scientific papers (studies) is 8-20 pages (minimum 36 000 characters including space), according to the sample manuscript,
  • Review paper and information size is 1 - 4 pages.

Structure of the article:

  • Using the IMRAD principle (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion),
  • Abstract – in English (size 10 – 12 lines),
  • Key words – in English (3 – 8 key words),
  • Introduction – aim and identification of key information of the article (summary or information about the current situation) and defining the aim of the article,
  • Core – brief overview of the issue (home and worldwide), research aim, used methods, methodology, main findings and own interpretation of the benefits of the research,
  • Conclusion – summary of outcomes of the research and proposals for theory and practice,
  • Bibliography – Harvard style. STN ISO 690 (01 0197) Norm – Information and documentation. Instructions for bibliography references and information sources and citing.

Sample manuscript:



Authors of papers, which were accepted for publication, agree to provide papers online on the website of the journal Vojenské reflexie and will sign the „Licence Agreement“.

The journal Vojenské reflexie reserves the right to edit the accepted papers. After the acceptance the authors will be asked to fill in and sign the Licence Agreement (if there are several authors to one article each of them will fill in the agreement).


Licence agreement (.rtf 90kB)


Creative Commons and Open Access

Open Access (OA) – defines the provision of online access to the scientific information for free and indefinitely. The idea of the open access is to provide an unlimited access to the research and publications without violating the copyrights. The content is usually characterized by the 4R:

  • Reuse (the right to reuse the content unaltered),
  • Revise (the right to adapt, modify, process and alter the content),
  • Remix (the right to combine the original and reviewed content with other contents in order to create a new text),
  • And redistribute (the right to share the original content as well as altered content with other users).


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