The publishing policy and ethics of the scientific journal Vojenské reflexie is a basic document that commits itself to adhering of ethical principles and best practices (according to COPE, in publishing contributions of the highest quality. To fulfilment of the ethical and publishing policy requires the active participation and compliance to all the principles of the parties involved – the authors, reviewers, the editorial board and the editorial staff of the journal.

Publishing policy

Articles published in the scientific journal Vojenské reflexie focus on security and strategic studies, operational arts and tactics, economics and management defence resources, societal, humanities and social sciences, political science and international relations, military technology and technology studies, military and police theory and internships, lifelong and career education.

The editorial board and editors of the journal Vojenské reflexie (EBaEJ) is made up of recognized experts in the field of security sciences. The editorial staff publishes the names and locations of the members of the editorial board, as well as updated contact information on the journal´s website. The editors of the journal are deciding which of the submitted papers will be published. EBaEJ follows the principles of the journal, while the applicable legal regulations must be respected, especially the requirements that are valid in connection with defamation, copyright infringement and plagiarism. All submitted papers are evaluated in a double-blind peer-review manner (the identity of the authors and reviewers is hidden from each other). Unpublished materials that are the content of manuscripts may not be used in the editor´s own research without the express written approval of the author.

Publishing ethics

Duties of authors:

  1. The authors provide original or review articles for the journal Vojenské reflexie. In addition, they have the opportunity to provide reviews or information.
  2. The authors provide their manuscripts exclusively to the journal Vojenské reflexie and will not publish them in other journals before the decision of the editorial board.
  3. The parallel submission of a manuscript to more than one journal at the same time constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable.
  4. Any article submitted shall be treated as a confidential document. The content of the article must not be published by the reviewer or otherwise provided to a third party.
  5. Information obtained through the evaluation process shall be confidential and must not be used for personal purposes.
  6. Papers should include the abstract, key words, aim, methodological and research results section, conclusion and list of bibliographic references necessary to allow an adequate peer review of the papers submitted.
  7. The submitted paper follows the citation standards. The correct and complete citation of the authors must always be stated.
  8. When quoting, the author of the thesis must adhere to ethical standards in relation to other people´s ideas and results that are contained in other documents (in bibliography).
  9. When referring to published sources, there must be a clear indication of what is downloaded, from whom it is downloaded and a precise identification of the source from which the information is downloaded.
  10. Authors must clearly indicate any potential conflict of interest. The organizations that funded the research must be specified at first submission and must be also mentioned in the post.
  11. Authors are required to adjust their contributions according to the reviewers´ opinions and send them to the editors by the deadline in accordance with the elaborated reviewer´s review.
  12. Reviewers´ criticism should be seen as an opportunity to improve the contribution.
  13. The presented contribution contains a complete list of authors who have cooperated to the presented research (contribution). Adding additional authors is not acceptable.
  14. The author (s) of the contribution bears full responsibility for the submitted contribution.
  15. All fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate facts reported in the article constitute unethical behaviour and are unacceptable.

Duties of reviewers and review procedure:

  1. Each paper is reviewed by two reviewers, the review process is mutually anonymous. According to the reviewers, the work may be returned to the author for completion or revision. Sending a contribution to the editorial office does not create a legal right for the author to publish it.
  2. Reviewers shall be selected on the basis of their recognized expertise in the scientific community to which they belong.
  3. The reviewer communicates with the chairman of the editorial board (designated representative of the journal´s editorial staff).
  4. Every reviewer who feels insufficiently qualified to review a submitted manuscript or knows that he or she does not have sufficient time to review the manuscript shall immediately notify the chair of the editorial board (the designated representative of the journal).
  5. The reviewer shall reject the assessment of paper that may give rise to a conflict of interests.
  6. The submitted contribution shall be evaluated objectively, without prejudice or benefit contribution of any nature.
  7. Reviewers should immediately inform the editors if any form of plagiarism, including “text and data recycling“ as well as “redundant or duplicate publications“, is identified in the course of the paper.
  8. The reviewer assesses the contribution with a sufficient time frame to ensure a comprehensive assessment of the contribution.
  9. Reviewers must keep all information relating to the review process confidential from third parties.
  10. In order to avoid possible conflict of interests, the contributions of the members of the editorial board shall be evaluated by reviewers who are not included in the editorial board. In this case, evaluators from other geographical areas will be selected.
  11. The final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the contribution shall be the full responsibility of the editorial board.

Duties of members of the editorial board:

  1. The editors of the journal Vojenské reflexie shall ensure that all published materials comply with internationally recognized ethical guidelines.
  2. In the case of serious errors in the article, an immediate response shall follow, which could lead to the complete withdrawal of the article.
  3. The editor will respond promptly to any errors or misconduct by any interested party in the publishing process (including authors and reviewers). These can be minor mistakes up to serious infringement of publishing ethics. In dealing with such situations, the guidelines published by the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE) will be followed. The editorial board has the right to reject the paper if it finds non-compliance with the principles of Publishing ethics.
  4. The editorial board shall have the right to accept or reject the article based solely on their importance, originality and contribution to the focus of the journal.
  5. The editorial board shall preserve the anonymity of the reviewers.

Copyright and access

  • The scientific journal Vojenské reflexie belongs to one of the open access journals that uses a funding model where both the reader and the institutions have free access. We support the rights of users to “read, download, copy, distribute, print and search the full texts of the studies“, that are in the journal.
  • The journal does not charge fees for publishing contributions.
  • The scientific journal Military reflections uses the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. license for peer-reviewed articles and other texts which publishes. Along with submitting the paper to the journal, the author agrees to use the CC BY 4.0 license in his work.
  • The author grants the scientific journal Vojenské reflexie the right of the first publication. The publisher leaves the copyright with the author. The authors are therefore entitled to publish their study on their web site, on academic social networks or to make it visible in another way.


  • The editor will ensure digital storage of access to the content of the journal by the Academic Library in Liptovský Mikuláš  



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